Offsite Monitoring VS Guards

Offsite monitoring vs guards. Security is a major priority especially in today’s world. From an individual, home owner, business owner to large corporate companies, huge amounts of money is spend just to ensure the maximum prevalence of safety around them. Big businesses and residential estates have established security that mostly consists of guards who physically patrol their business perimeters, with additional monitoring systems such as CCTVs viewed at their on-site control rooms.

This security model, however, is associated with issues which includes conspiracy or illegal cooperation between guards and criminals, guards being overpowered by the law-breakers along with basic human error like falling asleep whilst on watch. This would even be made worse when the same company that is guarding is also responsible for monitoring, because they would be tempted to hide their flaws, thereby jeopardizing the whole process altogether. Because of such weaknesses of the model, off-site monitoring is beginning to gain a lot of popularity and rapidly becoming the fastest growing sector of the security industry in South Africa. 

Offsite Monitoring

Off-site monitoring is a model where a security firm is brought in to monitor all security cameras and security points from a remote station. Off-site guarding is more effective when the assigned company is an independent one (that is, not responsible for the guarding CCTV installation, monitoring and armed response).

This will provide focused and specialised services that are free of any collusion and cover-up possibilities. Off-site monitoring will have 24hrs non-stop monitoring as there is no room CCTV cameras to, like human beings, sleep on the job. They offer live coverage that also have backup files to be reviewed in case of an intrusion.

The monitoring company can also prepare adequately to deal with whatever kind of criminals knowing beforehand what kind of ammunition they have. Guards on-site are usually ambushed by criminals and threatened if they don’t comply – leads to loss of lives in some cases. Off-site monitoring usually prevents such incidents which will save their clients substantially. Have an audio function added to your off-site monitoring security arsenal will be an added advantage because it allows the security company to remotely communicate with the criminals, like challenging them to leave the premises immediately. If anything threatens a criminal is the idea that their every move is being watched in real-time.

Above all, compared to guards on-site, off-site monitoring is very cost effective and this has been a major catalyst ensuring its rapid success in the security industry. With current economic conditions, everyone is looking at how to save costs whilst not compromising on security and safety; with independent off-site monitoring you are able to achieve that. Be safe and contact Corporate Security for all your off-site monitoring services.