Off-Site Response

Corporate Security has the skills and experience to provide you with improvements to your existing system or an infrastructure upgrade as well as the best off-site response service. We will do an analysis of your property and ensure that that your assets are protected by the latest high tech security systems currently available. With vast experience in the South African security Corporate Security has the most up to date knowledge and expertise available.

On-Site we deploy:

  • Trigger Devices
  • Strategically placed cameras
  • On Site Recording (optional)
  • Audio (optional)
  • Transmission systems
  • Transmission mediums – I.S.D.N., ADSL, 3G or V-SAT

Why Corsec achieves Off-Site Response

The system uses the On-Site trigger devices to initiate the transmission of video pictures to our Central Monitoring Station.

  • The System trigger occurs instantaneously and connection to our Central Monitoring Station is complete in seconds.
  • This is known as ‘Event Monitoring’. It is vastly more cost effective than continual 24/7 monitoring which would be very expensive.

When an On-Site Intrusion Triggers the System.

Initially our operators will get an alert signal on their workstation;

  • The alert shows the cause of the activation. This allows our Operators to make a distinction between genuine and false alarms.
  • If the operator confirms that it is a genuine intrusion, as opposed to a false alarm, the Operator then immediately acts on the site standing orders and procedures.

When an On-Site Trigger Occurs:

  • The entire event is recorded on the system in our control room and can be used as evidence since it carries a verifiable watermark.

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