Off Site Monitoring-vs-Guards

Guards; The Reality of the situation

  • Are at risk of serious injury and death
  • In most cases they’re unarmed and defenseless in the event of an armed intrusion
  • Intimidation is often used

Off-Site Monitoring is ‘PRO-ACTIVE’ and is designed to prevent losses occurring.

  • No Intimidation
  • Appropriate reaction to any event!
  • Managed incidents
Our professional operators who are not in harm’s way can:
  • See what is happening and
  • Direct the response in
  • A professional and calm manner
since their lives are not under threat.
Our control station is built to comply with S.A.I.D.S.A requirements and we are happy for you to inspect the premises as part of your procurement process. (Provided full NDA and Confidentially Agreements are signed to protect the integrity and security of the control room).


  • Guards can be threatened.
  • Guards cannot see the entire property at all times.
  • A guard cannot give information to the reaction officers during a break -in.
  • An unarmed guard will not challenge multiple armed intruders.


  • CCTV systems cannot be threatened.
  • A CCTV system can see the entire property at all times.
  • Our operator can give information to the reaction officers during a break-in.
  • Our operator can challenge armed intruders.
  • A watermarked DVD can give credible evidence at a trial.
  • Off-Site monitoring will cost less, possibly saving more than 50% of your existing expenditure.

If you would like to find out more about our security services or CCTV Monitoring, please contact us!