Off-Site Monitoring

Off-Site Monitoring Requires:

No off-site monitoring installation is complete without a tutorial given by one of our experts in a easy to understand, concise manner. Of course if you are unsure at any time you can always give us a call and we will go through it step by step.

AUTHORISED Entry / Exit to Client Site

  • Record date and time
  • Record number of personnel and vehicles
  • Keep activity under surveillance
  • Inform Client personnel of gates left open.


  • Challenge intruders via the Audio Link
  • Record date and time
  • Record number of personnel and vehicles
  • Record clothing and weapons of intruders
  • Call assigned armed reaction
  • Call nearest SAPS
  • Record date and time, OB number and name of person spoken to 
  • Provide essential information to armed response and SAPS
  • Follow up on armed response and SAPS to obtain feedback of action being taken.
  • Inform responsible Client personnel of incident
  • Compile incident report and email responsible Client personnel.


We have a qualified, skilled team of technicians and advisers on hand waiting to advise you on what security system fits your needs, property and budget. Once you have decided on an option, a team will be dispatched to your premises to install your chosen security system.