Off-Site Monitoring

Successful Off-Site Monitoring Requires:

Total commitment to the project from;

  • Corporate Security
  • Our Client
  • Your response company.
System ‘on-site design’:
  • It is critical for the System to be correctly designed and engineered.
  • We have the acquired expertise to identify the on-site requirements, which are unique to each individual premises.

Successful Off-Site Monitoring Factors

Associated to ‘on-site design’ is;

  • Selecting the most suitable detection devices to trigger the system
  • Choosing the correct CCTV equipment selection
  • Determining the best possible placement of Cameras and Detectors
  • Deciding the right Transmission medium for the location
Having experienced operators in the control station
Corsec Control Room has been in operation for 6 years
We overcome all the initial teething problems and developed successful solutions.
We offer Customized Reporting and System Diagnosis
We have developed operational procedures to cater for unforeseen events.
Our administrative and reporting procedures are fully in place and are regularly reviewed.
We have a D.R.S. plan which includes back-up servers and back-up software on fail over.
Our Control Room is built to exceed S.A.I.D.S.A. specifications.

  • A 9″ thick reinforced concrete roof.
  • Double steel clad door entry system.
  • Camera surveillance all around the premises.
  • In-house kitchen and ablution facilities.
  • Back-up generator company.
  • Back-up servers and software.
  • UPS units on all components.
  • Response teams within 4 minutes arrival time.
  • Direct radio communication with response company.

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