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We offer excellent corporate security

Corporate Security is a reputable security firm.

We developed our services to suit you and remain focused on providing safety to you and your staff.  

We’ve dedicated 3 decades to providing excellent corporate security.



 We’ve studied the criminal mind

We’ve been involved in the Security Industry for 32 years. We’ve witnessed steadily advancement of the criminal mind. These rapscallions have developed ingenious strategies to defeat conventional systems and we made it our mission to stop them.

 Sourcing the best technologies worldwide

In 2004, we undertook a lengthy, global search for the various technologies that were available. Our aim was to ensure that we offer the best products and services with your safety in mind. We decided on the Heitel Video Transmission system, that is monitored 24/7.

Corporate companies and Parastatals prefer our systems

Huge corporations and Eskom use our systems in their outlying sub-stations. Management also utilise it to view their premises as and when they wish to.


Our corporate security services:

CCTV Monitoring – Nothing escapes our attention

CCTV Monitoring comprises of various applications. Be that as it may, the outline and usage of every framework will change from client to client. It can be utilized to permit Security Officers to monitor activities around the premises, without carrying out patrols. Recordings can be used to prove how the crime occurred. Our footage can be used as evidence as it carries a verifiable watermark.

 Access Control  – Separation makes control easier

Access Control makes use of door locks, together with a card reader to restrict access through specified points. The use of Turnstiles or Security Cubicles assists with the effectiveness of the restrictions. The Systems allow managers to choose which areas a staff member has access to; including the days and times access is allowed. Some companies use it as part of their HR policies as a means to measure attendance.


Additional security systems:

Alarm systems

Building management systems

Covert surveillance

Evacuation / P.A. Systems

Intercom systems

Perimeter protection

SCADA systems

Smoke detection systems

Health & Safety risk assessment

Off-site CCTV monitoring – This includes necessary equipment and training.

Corporate Security is a devoted security company that delivers excellent security all the time. Our priorities lie with the safety of our clients.

Our systems and procedures in place are thoroughly considered and tested. Once we’ve installed systems, our clients are trained to ensure that optimum potential of products is achieved.