Corporate PA Systems

We offer corporate PA Systems

Corporate security is well known for providing only the best in corporate security solutions. Our vast knowledge on what is best extends to P.A systems too.

Installing a high quality P.A system is a vital part of your security system. It works well with your other existing systems and is best for conveying important messages to a large audience.

corporate pa system

What is a PA system and what is it used for?

A public address system is also known as PA system. It is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers. A P.A system is used to speak to a large public. It is especially used for noisy places such as airports, bus terminus and large shops. Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums and churches.

From humble beginnings – how it all started.

In 1910, an Illinois company announced they had developed a loudspeaker and they called it, Automatic Enunciator.

In August 1912, seventy-two loudspeakers were strung in pairs at 12 meter intervals along the docks in Chicago. The system was used to announce race reports and descriptions. It also carried a series of speeches about “The Chicago Plan”, and provided music between races.

In 1913, a number of units were installed throughout the Comiskey Park baseball stadium, to make announcements and to provide musical interludes.

Public Address system used in emergency.

This system can be used together with a fire alarm.  A recorded message can be played in order to request that occupants evacuate a building. It is best to record the message in 2 – 3 different languages.

The transmission must be delivered in a calm voice, to ensure that all hear the message and help keep people calm.

Various types of PA Systems.

Portable Systems can be mounted to vehicles and specifically designed to be used in-field.

Outdoor Public Address System is normally used at parks, sports facilities, day camps and fun fairs. They can also be used for weather conditions announcements. This is especially used where places experience extreme floods, winds, hurricanes and tornados.

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