CCTV Monitoring

Corporate Security are specialists in CCTV camera installation and CCTV monitoring which is also known as off site moniotring or remote cctv monitoring.

We provide CCTV camera installation and CCTV monitoring for your home, business, farm, townhouse complex and any other area requiring protection.

Installed Cameras can be viewed by the client on there phone, Tab or computer from anywhere in the world.

Why use Corsec for Off-Site Monitoring?

Corporate Security offers a complete package:

  • System Design
  • Product Supply
  • CCTV camera Installation
  • Secure Off-Site C.C.T.V. Monitoring facility 24/7
  • A variety of Transmission Options
  • Maintenance of the Equipment

Why Employ Off-Site Monitoring?

  • Immediate and decisive action when an Intrusion occurs
  • Loss prevention thanks to early detection and response
  • Peace of mind for Business owners and Senior Staff, knowing that:
  • Your Premises are effectively protected 24 hrs a day
  • Potential losses are greatly minimized

Off-Site Monitoring Enhances CCTV Systems

By being Pro-Active:

  • With only a CCTV system, all you have is a recording of how the criminals stole your property, provided that the Intruders haven’t stolen your Digital Video Recorder (D.V.R)!
With Off-Site Monitoring our operators can achieve two results;
By using the speech to site feature they can scare the intruder, putting them at a disadvantage.
  • Our operators can feed vital information to the response company and the SAPS about what is happening. This means they are more prepared to deal with the situation.

If guards are currently being deployed, we can enhance their effectiveness and;

  • Significantly improve security.
  • Prevent the Guards life being risked

If you would like to find out more about our CCTV monitoring or our other security services, please contact us!