Access Control For Your Company

We are proud to provide excellent service and security products. Our various options and systems deliver peace of mind and safety all the time.  One of our corporate security solutions is Access Control.

security servicesAccess control refers to the practice of selectively restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room. It may be enforced by authorized staff. Some of these could be border patrol, security guard, bouncer or ticket checker. Access can also be controlled with a device such as a turnstile. Various methods can be used to provide credentials to gain access such as; a card or a key fob, finger print or eye reader and password.

An access control system determines who, where and when a person is allowed to enter or exit.

System operation

Electronic access control uses PC’s to enhance the use of mechanical locks and keys. The system grants access based on the credential provided. When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a short time. When entry is refused, the door remains locked. Whether entry was allowed or refused, the result is recorded. The system will also monitor the door and alarm if the door is forced open or held open for too long after being unlocked. A flashing Red LED light indicates access is denied and a Flashing green LED light shows access is granted.

There are three types of readers and they are:

Basic Readers

 These are non-intelligent readers. They read card numbers or a pin.

Semi – intelligent readers

They posses all the hardware to open doors, lock and unlock. However they do not make decisions in access.

Intelligent readers

They are able to control door hardware; they have memory and processing power. They also make decisions in access.


Verifies a person’s identity by analyzing a unique attribute. It is also the most effective verifying method you will find.

Types of Bio-metric Systems

  • Finger Print
  • Palm Scan
  • Hand Geometry
  • Retina Scan
  • Iris Scan
  • Signature Dynamics
  • Keyboard Dynamics
  • Voice Print
  • Facial Scan
  • Hand Topography


Benefits of Access Control

  • Centrally Controlled Security.
  • Anyone without relevant credentials is denied access.
  • No lost keys – A new card can easily be re-issued.
  • Manage site security with any staff who leave
  • Safeguarding equipment and stock.
  • Improve staff management – with reports showing staff coming and going.