3 Reasons Why You Need A CCTV Monitoring System

Installing a CCTV Monitoring system is one of the best security measures for your business, home, school or any area on private or public property.  Not only does it provide a level of comfort, but it passively results in reduced crime rates. Having this system is a security measure that needs to be used in conjunction with other measures, in order to actually combat crime.


We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of having a CCTV Monitoring system installed.

1) Record what is happening on premises – Cyber eyes to keep safe

A CCTV Monitoring system enables you to record what is happening on the premises. You will be able to view who has been on the premises and what they’ve been doing.  It is best to have a dedicated person watching the monitor for any action. This should be one of your security measures 24/7.

2) Passive aggressive crime deterrent 

When people know that there are cameras installed on  premises, they are often deterred from committing any crime when the possibility of them being recorded exists. This means that just the knowledge of the CCTV Monitoring system’s existence reduces crime drastically.

3) Video  footage provides evidence of any crimes committed

If however, someone still chooses to commit a crime, there will be video footage of them committing the crime. This is then handed over to the police as evidence in order to bring the person to book. Video footage is one of the most effective methods of evidence against a criminal. This is used in the court case against them.

Having a CCTV Monitoring system is an investment in your business and personal security. Not only does it provide peace of mind, but it reduces crime considerably just by the knowledge of its existence.  CCTV Monitoring systems are so reliable, that the City Of Johannesburg relies heavily on the cameras installed at certain crime hotspots. This has resulted in a lot of criminals being charged and punished for their crimes.