Corporate Security Solutions

Corporate Security offer security services and security solutions such as off-site or remote CCTV monitoring and access control.

Corporate Security, having been involved  in the Security Industry for 32 years, have witnessed the ever evolving progress of the Criminal mind. These miscreants have developed ingenious methods to overcome conventional systems and something had to be done to counter this trend.

We believe that Remote (or Off-Site) CCTV Monitoring of Clients premises is the intelligent solution. In 2004, we undertook a lengthy investigation into the various Technologies that were available, Worldwide, to ensure that when we offered to protect a premises, we could fulfill our promises.

This eventually led us to selecting the best and most flexible systems with smart technology. We constructed our own CCTV Control Station, manned 24/7. For the last 12 years we have been able to offer this valuable package and have developed many additional features that enhance our service to Clients.

It has proved so successful that Eskom are regarding it as a preferred element in the securing of many of their outlying Sub-stations. Some of our Clients also use it as a Management tool, since we can facilitate an option for selected Managers to view the premises whenever they wish.

 Access Control is the use of door locks, coupled with a ‘card’ or ‘biometric’ readers to restrict access through specified control points. These points can be internal or external. The use of physical barriers, such as Turnstiles or Security Cubicles (Such as are seen at the entrance to Banks) is also widely used to increase the effectiveness of the restrictions. For townhouse complexes; guards can be removed and a access control system installed that shall  automatically contact the owner to send a code or open the gate, can be installed.

The Systems allow Managers to choose which areas a staff member can, or can not, pass through and also which days of the week, as well as the times of day.It can be used as a very effective Management tool and can be coupled to Time and Attendance software to produce Payroll Reports for HR.

CCTV Monitoring has a variety of applications. However, the design and implementation of individual systems will vary significantly from Client to Client. It can be used to allow Security Officers to watch activities around the premises, without having to carry out tedious or dangerous patrols.

Recordings of events can be reviewed to prove how a theft occurred. Management can use recordings as a training aid. Recently, the capability to have premises monitored remotely (at an independent Off-Site facility) is becoming the most effective use of this powerful technology.

Corporate Security was founded in 1984

The aim was to provide the;

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
of Security Systems to the Commercial & Industrial Sector.

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